Valueless vs. Invaluable

Seated Avalokiteshvara (a bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas) (Gwaneum Bosal), National Museum of Korea, Seoul
Seated Avalokiteshvara (a bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas) (Gwaneum Bosal), National Museum of Korea, Seoul




Most who stand in misjudgment against you do so because they are incapable of estimating your true value.  Never let them convince you that you have none.


An Eldest Child’s Eulogy for His Mom

Tony B and the Recursive Mothers
Tony B and the Recursive Mothers

Elizabeth Louise Bunn of Baltimore, Maryland, aged 79 years, died in the morning of October 13, 2017 of natural causes during a protracted convalescence following kidney surgery.

Born on November 8, 1937 to Helen Louise and Nathaniel Gambrill, Betty, as she was called by those who knew and loved her, was a person of exceptional tenacity and perseverance.  Afflicted with polio at the tender age of four, she survived the rigors of the “Iron Lung” treatment, and matured to develop a rich life despite her infirmity.  At age twenty, she eloped with Robert Archie Bunn.  From their union were born three children…and indeed she would proceed to imbue them with a spirit to achieve that would equal her own.

Shortly after the birth of her first child, she worked for a while as a substitute teacher in the Baltimore City Public Schools.  However, two subsequent births caused her to stay at home to focus on rearing her children.

Once all her kids were in school, Betty returned to school herself, earning a Bachelor’s degree from Morgan State University.  While working in a clerical capacity at Blue Cross/Blue Shield in Towson, she went on to earn a Master’s degree in Sociology from Coppin State College in Baltimore.  During this period, with her kids in their teens, her health began to decline as she endured the progressive complications of post-polio syndrome.

Confined to a bed from about the age of forty, she nevertheless continued to inspire her children (and countless others) to achieve.  Betty would go through great pains to make sure to be present on occasions that recognized milestones in her children’s careers, as each would go on to have direct worldwide impact in their various endeavors.

Betty leaves to mourn her, sons Robert “Tony” Bunn and David Bunn, daughter Gabrielle Goodman, granddaughter Nikki de Neergaard-Bunn (from Denmark), stepson Robert “Jeff” Bunn, daughters-in-law Deborah Bunn and Karen Bunn, brother Michael Gambrill, sister-in-law Carol Gambrill, numerous cousins, niece Erica Gambrill (and her sons), nephews Raymond Gambrill and Michael Gambrill, and many who were both inspired by and/or inspiring to her.

Also, the family would like acknowledge the devotion of Becky Kur (from Nigeria), who worked as Betty’s personal caregiver for a great many years.

Finally, Elizabeth Bunn was a woman of uncommon Christian faith.  Throughout her many trials and tribulations, she was never heard to curse God.  Instead, might she be remembered for her frequent utterance of the phrase “God is good!”  May she forever rest in the peace of That Goodness.


That Moment

There are moments where everything that is good within you begins to scream and cry… because It knows that what you’re about to do next is “a really, really bad idea.”  The Intuition normally speaks in whispers.  It can do so because It’s confident that Its connection to Universal Wisdom is evident and thus sufficient to validate Its message.

When the Intuition begins to raise Its voice in excitement, know this to be an extraordinary moment — listen and take heed!


Traumatic Vertebral Fracture (Image courtesy

To break the back of a people, make them watch as you destroy their children — ever so slowly.

Miseducate them. Undereducate them. Cause them to crave that which will kill them… the slower, the better.

And the old are undermined by the destruction of the young, because the young contain the spirit of the times — they define the moment. Having poured their vital energies into the young through nurturance, as the old move into natural decline, they depend upon the appreciation and return of their gifted energy for their very lives. When the young are stymied, no such appreciation of energies will occur.


Christiania 2016: A message to my people.

I’ve been back in Denmark now for a little less than a month…after a psychologically grueling six months in homeland USA.  It’s taken me this long to just begin to decompress from the culture of extreme violence whose growth there continues unabated.  Police kill people without just cause and then they’re allowed to escape any real accountability for their acts.  Outlaw representatives of a disenfranchised people who have lost hope and respect for the system began to strike back — in a spate of killings of police officers.  Then things got really ugly!

Imagine my dismay when I awoke on Thursday morning to hear a news report of two police officers being shot by a drug dealer in the Christiania section of Copenhagen.  It’s rare to hear about anyone being shot here.  My first thought: damn, the contagion is spreading. In the USA, it’s almost a given that one who shoots a police officer is a dead man — usually not walking for much longer.

Although I got the gist of the situation from the Danish-language news report, I was in the dark about the finer points of the story — particularly, what became of the shooter.  My comprehension of the local language is still a bit less than optimal.  When I finally got around to searching for an English-language account of the incident, I was amazed to learn that the assailant, though wounded during a later arrest, was taken into custody alive.

Perhaps it is possible for a system of governance to maintain its sense of authority without resorting to automatic lethality after all — even when potentially lethal challenges to that authority are mounted.  Granted, the guy’s in critical condition.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens next, should he live.

Postscript (September 6, 2016):  The shooter died two days later, from wounds sustained during his arrest, in Copenhagen university hospital.  Case closed.  The police officer he shot in the head remains in critical condition.


A distinction should be made between “evil” and that which is negative. A negative (thought, deed, or action) is only evil if it cannot be transmuted to a positive when light is cast upon it. In other words, only the negative which denies its negativity is truly evil.