As I witness my daughter’s continuing development, from afar, there are moments at which my sentiments extend well beyond mere fatherly pride.  Like the time when I watched with a mixture of hope and anxiety as my three-year-old successfully negotiated a particularly steep downgrade on her two-wheeled cykel, during our daily trip to børnehave (kindergarten).  An expression of “nothing to it!” was written across her face, as I tried to hide my sense of great relief behind words and smiles of encouragement to her.

Then there are moments when I’m filled with humility and joy — as I am allowed a glimpse of the amazing potential embodied in this representative of the next generation.  Today, I received a picture of a sculpture that my almost-four-year-old daughter completed this morning.  I immediately had an impression of there being “so much life” in the work — and not just because my kid created it.  When I saw the original upon which it was modeled, my appreciation for her perspective grew even more.  You decide…

I offer you Nikki’s latest creation; she calls it “Skeletor.”

“Skeletor,” by Nikki, 2015
Inspired by the following work, which is on exhibit at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, in Humlebæk, Denmark:

“Walking Man,” by Alberto Giacometti, 1960

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