The Bitch Politic (Chapter 11): Ever At Risk

There is an odd sense of peacefulness that attends one’s awareness and embrace of the fact that we are ever at risk.  In all that we do, wherever we might be found, we are ever at risk.  If one is in command of oneself, this reality is not as disturbing as it is liberating.  Despite the power and the liberation that derive from one’s ability to exercise command of self, it is the realization of one’s being ever at risk that affords one the humility to maintain a clear perspective.  And if there’s anything that we might have learned from our survey of The Bitch Politic, it’s that one definitely needs a measure of clarity to survive it in good stead.

One’s sense of inner peace should not depend upon one’s ability to exercise control over every aspect of his or her world.  If it does, then one will never know peace.  Try as though we might, such control will never be ours.  In fact, the myriad challenges that arise in one’s daily life quickly overwhelm the unfortunate individual who maintains such a prerequisite.  And as our world continues to increase in complexity, it is only through the rejuvenation afforded one by inner peace that one might have the energy to persist.

Inner peace should not be confused with inward peace.  The latter is that which one feels when one happens to be in a place (or a moment) that has been reserved apart from the cacophony of one’s normal existence.  In that instant, one is able to perceive beauty — that which resonates with one’s ideals.  But when one leaves that place, or that moment, the inner urge to scream returns in short order.  In the case of the former, because of will and through the constant exercise of discipline and integrity, one becomes able to perceive beauty in all the rhythms of life.  This ability to perceive beauty in all things, even in that which appears to be anything but beautiful, provides nourishment to one’s inner state of peace.  When one is at peace at one’s core, one is not just peaceful; instead, one’s inner peace begins to radiate outward.

Repelling Darkness (a transmutation)

Interstellar Black Hole

When darkness encroaches

Reach for the Light — It is within.

Hold fast, set It free…It will not be harmed.

The further It goes from one, the stronger It becomes.

It continues to go forth; It returns to illuminate one from behind.

Darkness will see itself in one; it will retreat in fear.

This happens before the eyes can blink.

The shape of the world allows this.

Everything that lives enjoys this.


Throughout this work, the reader might have perceived my reluctance to mention God in a direct reference to our comings and goings.  My reservation was not unconscious; nor was it done out of disrespect or disregard.  Instead, my intention was to focus upon the development of those faculties that God gave us, so that we might begin to handle ourselves with correctness.  We have the capability.  Indeed, it is time that we begin to handle our business, so that God might delight in handling His.

May God continue to smile upon us all!


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